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The Association

The Southern Seafood Producers (WA) Association (SSPWA) is a platform for the united professional producers of fine quality seafood in South Western Australia to interact with the public, government, regulators and potential partners for the first time. The SSPWA strives for greater support for our seafood producer families and is the industry body representing the interests of all South and West Coast Seafood Producers in Western Australia. Formed in 2017, the SSPWA is made up of a Management Committee, with two representative for each of the regional centers:

  • Metropolitan / Other Region;

  • South West Region;

  • Albany Region; and

  • Esperance Region.

Each Management Committee Member is elected by our Members - grass root participants of the commercial fishing industry in WA with a current Fishery Licence. 

The Need

The late Kim Chance had a vision of a sector body established to represent, support and enhance the southern fisheries of Western Australia. With this vision in mind, Consultant Peter Rogers conducted a series of industry consultation tours to produce the discussion report ‘The Case for Establishing the Southern Seafood Producers (WA) Association’. After the publication of the discussion report, a Transitional Management Committee was established to guide the formation of the Association in its infancy. In December of 2017, the Southern Seafood Producers (WA) Association Inc. was established, with the first Annual General Meeting held in Albany. At this meeting, Members elected the inaugural Management Committee members of the SSPWA. Since then, the Management Committee has swiftly identified areas of focus for the SSPWA. Two of which were the need to strengthen the industry alignment with the food industry and to utilise all opportunities brought about by the amalgamation of the former Departments of Agriculture and Food; Fisheries; Regional Development and the nine Regional Development Commissions to the betterment of the SSPWA Members.

Management Committee


Tony 2024-07-12_edited_edited.jpg


Albany Representative

Tony is a third generation fisherman living in Albany.

The family have a processing facility in the town of Albany and both Tony's children are involved in the running of the business with operations in beach seining for salmon and herring and purse seining for sardines.

Tony is very passionate about fair and appropriate seafood industry representation with all forms of government and will do all he can to help fellow fishers.

It was in 2022 that Tony was successfully nominated to the committee, he accepted the role as 2024 association Chairperson.



Alison loves everything seafood, is passionate about WA's local seafood and promotes local producers and industry at every opportunity.  Alison joined SSPWA 2019 in an administrative capacity and was nominated and accepted the role as Secretary shortly following the 2023 AGM in Albany.

Photo 20231107_edited_edited_edited.jpg



Albany Representative

Ryan has almost 30 years' experience in the commercial fishing sector on the south coast of WA including, Southern Demersal Gillnet and Long Line, Near Shore Netting, and Wet Line with involvement in multiple tagging programs through CSIRO Australia.

Ryan is passionate about south coast seafood and it's fisheries and was successfully nominated to the management committee at the at 2023 Annual Management Meeting.   

Alan Miles 05613_edited.jpg

South West Representative


Alan hails from a long standing fishing family in the South West including processing with fishing interests in the South West and along the South Coast of Western Australia.  Alan contributes a wealth of knowledge to the SSPWA committee.

Alan was successfully nominated to the SSPWA committee at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Kim photo 20240215 - Copy_edited_edited.



Metro and Northern Representative

Kim offers a wealth of knowledge.  His past roles include President of Dongara Professional Fishermen's Assoc (DPFA), Chair of Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC), Chair Western Rock Lobster Council (WARLC) and was a long term member of the Marine Parks and Reserves Authority (MPRA) and Conservation and Parks Commission (CPC).

Kim has aspirations for SSPWA to become the Peak go to organisation for all South West and South Coast commercial fishers.

Kim was successfully nominated to the SSPWA committee at the 2023 Annual General Meeting and accepted the role as the association Treasurer for 2024.

Anthony photo 20240215_edited.jpg


South West Representative

Anthony has a hands on working knowledge of beach seining, wet-line and crustacean fishing as well as south coast line and trap, demersal and gillnet longline fishing working over his years in W.A. on the South, South West and the West Coast's. 

Anthony strongly believes that research and stock assessment considerations would highly benefit from commercial fishers input and encourages SSPWA to build respectful and meaningful relationships enabling inclusive consultation in fishery management issues. 

Anthony was successfully nominated to the SSPWA committee by election of the South West members and appointed to the committee at the 2023 Annual General Meeting. 


Metro and Northern Representative

Jim was successfully nominated to the SSPWA committee at the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Jim photo 20240215_edited.jpg




This could be you. 

Your enquiry as to how to make this happen is welcomed.  Please email to find out more.

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