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**COPY: FRMR - Quick Reference (Part 8)

Copy Noted March 2020

FRMR (Fish Resources Management Regulations)

Part 8 — Designated fishing zones

71. Fisheries officer may restrict activities etc. in zones

(1) A fisheries officer may, by notice in writing given to a person, prohibit the person from —

(a) being in a designated fishing zone for a specified period of time, or at all; or

(b) engaging in a specified activity in a designated fishing zone; or

(c) having a specified thing or class of things in a designated fishing zone.

(2) A fisheries officer may by further notice in writing given to a person vary or revoke a notice given under subregulation (1).

(3) A person who contravenes a notice in writing given by a fisheries officer under this regulation commits an offence.

Penalty: $10 000.

**Copy provided by DPIRD February 2020 for reference purposes only.

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