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EXTENSION GRANTED: Ngari Capes Marine Park Compensation Applications

A Notice to Industry: The Minister has approved the extension of the Ngari Capes Marine Park Compensation Process until the 31st of May 2019.

The SSPWA welcomes the Ministers decision to extend the Compensation Process period for the Ngari Capes Marine Park. For those who may be affected by the implementation of the Ngari Capes Marine Parks, we have prepared some assistance for your applications. Please find attached, two documents related to Ngari Capes Marine Park Compensation:

2. The Ngari Capes Marine Parks Compensation Form, where SSPWA has highlighted the critical boxes in order to get an Application into the process.

All applications must be lodged before Close of Business 31st of May 2019.

Note: DPIRD have confirmed, it is not necessary to provide all the information on this form, simply:


1. Authorisation Holder

3. Details of Authorisation


4. Event on which the claim for compensation is based (We have used the example that WAFIC has provided)

The gazettal of the Ngari (Capes) Marine Park permissive and non-permissive management zones. Further details will be provided later.

7. Execution of Application Sign in the appropriate area for your business. When the form is complete (as per above), either:

1. Save and then attach to an email to:

3. Save to PDF and email; OR

4. Print, sign and mail to: Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development – Fisheries Division, Locked Bag 39, Cloisters Square Post Office, PERTH WA 6850

ATTENTION: Sarah Winslade-Mullane

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