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Fishers Filming Fishers - a SeSAFE initiative and a chance to win $5,000

Win $5000 Second prize - $2000 Third prize - $1000

This competition is open to all commercial fishers including skippers and crew. Fishers need to use their mobile phone or other video recording device to film themselves and/or other fishers engaged in a safe working practice at sea or at a wharf.

The winner will be publicly announced at:

Seafood Directions in Brisbane, 13-15 September, 2022.

The winner will also receive a travel prize to attend Seafood Directions (Brisbane), including airfare, accommodation and meals.

View the judging criteria and then get the details at:

Judging criteria

  • Fishers must be filmed engaged in a safe working practice onboard a fishing vessel or at a wharf.

  • Only video footage will be considered eligible for the award. Photographs can be embedded in the video submission.

  • Video duration to be no more than 60 seconds.

  • Fishers must not place at risk the safety of themselves or others as part of any mock, staged, or acted video submission.

  • Fishers must narrate their video submission by describing a particular safety risk and how they eliminate or reduce the risk. The narration must also include a statement such as, “I am sea safe because……”, or “Being safe at sea is important to me because…...”.

  • Additional judging criteria to include, but not limited to, creativity, originality, message clarity, honesty, humour, composition. Video footage using hand held phones/tablets/cameras that are slightly unsteady and not in perfect filming conditions are acceptable. Professional film makers are not eligible for this award.

  • Individual fishers may submit more than one entry into this competition.

  • The video submission is to be uploaded using the free WeTransfer app and emailed to . The app includes a message box which must include the following detail:

1. The name, phone number and email address of the person submitting the video.

2. The name of the fishery where the video was recorded.

3. The name, phone number and email address of all other persons filmed or involved

in the submitted video.

  • All persons filmed as part of a video submission agree to the judging criteria in this competition. SeSAFE reserves the right to contact these persons to verify their agreement to be filmed and participate in this competition.

  • Only the person responsible for submitting the video will be eligible for this award. It is their responsibility to make arrangements to share any prize money with other persons involved in the video submission.

  • All video submissions must be received by July 30, 2022. All video submissions will become the property of SeSAFE and may be used in future promotional activity.

  • An independent panel will judge the award and their decision will be final.

Get further details at:

This award is sponsored by SeSAFE, Australia Bay Seafoods, Tuna Australia and Spencer Gulf and West Coast Prawn Fishermen’s Association. SeSAFE is funded by FRDC, AMSA and Australian fishing industry.

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