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Important information about commercial fishing rules in Australian Marine Parks

Management plans for 44 Australian Marine Parks have been in effect since 1 July 2018. These plans established new rules for commercial fishing activities. To assist the commercial fishing industry transition to these new arrangements, we wrote to you in June last year to let you know about these new rules and how they may affect you. If you fish commercially in Commonwealth managed Australian Marine Parks which are located in offshore waters, generally 3 to 200 nautical miles from the coastline, you need to be aware of these rules. You also need to make sure that anyone else in charge of the nominated vessel is also aware of the rules. While fishing in green zones is prohibited, commercial fishing can occur in yellow and blue zones in Australian Marine Parks in accordance with a class approval under a Management Plan. Class approvals set out the areas where commercial fishing can occur, the fishing methods that can be used, and the conditions that need to be followed while operating or transiting through Australian Marine Parks. If you hold a fishing concession or licence issued by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, or a state or Northern Territory fisheries agency, you are automatically covered by a class approval. In Australia we have a marine environment and sustainable fishing industry that are world class. Effectively managed marine parks are essential for marine biodiversity and sustainable commercial fishing into the future. With the ongoing support from Australia's commercial fishers we can secure the long-term viability of our nation's fisheries industry. Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with the rules. Your efforts will help the ongoing health of our marine environment and the sustainability of the industry for the benefit of all Australians. The enclosed factsheet provides an overview of the rules and your responsibilities, and you can find more information at If you would like to get in touch about this or any other issue relating to Australian Marine Parks, please email or call us on 1800 069 352.

Kind Regards Dr James Findlay Director of National Parks

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