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2018 SSPWA Annual General Meeting

The SSPWA held its 2nd Annual General Meeting in Albany at the Stirling Club on the 5th of December 2018.

During the meeting, there was a healthy Purse Seine trial debate within the Salmon Fishery, a review of the Association By Laws and Constitutional amendments in the form of correcting typographical errors. It was also confirmed that Membership of the SSPWA can only be as holders of MFL's or FBL's and as such, Associations must have its individual members join the SSPWA. This does not prohibit  Associations from becoming Associate Members. The Meeting Summary of the Annual General Meeting will be circulated to members in the coming month.

Outbound Management Committee Members The Annual General Meeting also saw us farewell some of the inaugural Management Committee Members that have tirelessly worked to provide the highest level of support to industry throughout 2018. We thank Richard Stevens our former Chair of the SSPWA for his great work in the establishing of Corporate Governance and procedural processes that have placed the SSPWA in an excellent position for 2019. We thank Beverly Cooke for her passionate participation and representation of her sector and region, Neville Mansted for being heavily involved in the ASL and Commonwealth Marine Park deliberations and Tony Westerberg who is one of the pioneers of the SSPWA As previous Chair of the Transitional Management Committee and Interim Chair of the Management Committee, Tony championed the cause of the Association at significant personal cost. The SSPWA thanks you all for your dedication. 

Newly Elected Management Committee Members We are delighted to welcome on board our newly elected Management Committee Members:

David Gray - Esperance Region Representative. David is a current Purse Seine and Demersal fisher and processor, who has previously sat on the SSPWA Transitional Management Committee.

Bryn Westerberg - Albany Region Representative. Bryn is a current Purse Seine, Inshore and Demersal fisher and processor.

Alan Miles - South West Region Representative. Alan is a Beach Seine, Inshore and Estuarine fisher with Demersal Gillnet and Deep Sea Crustacean interests. Alan is another pioneer of the SSPWA being both Acting Chair and member of Transitional Management Committee. Alan is a long term and highly respected industry participant.

Re-Elected Management Committee Members We extend our congratulations to our re-elected Management Committee Members: Portia Kyros - Metropolitan Region Representative. Portia is a Deep Sea Crustacean fisher and processor. Previously Portia was a Member of Transitional Committee,was the Inaugural Secretary of SSPWA Management Committee and has been re-elected as Secretary for another year. Ken Carter - Albany Region Representative. Ken is a near shore fisher and has volunteered to take a one year term, recognizing the importance of building the next generation of leaders such as Bryn Westerberg , who will hold the two-year term for Albany. Ken has been elected as Acting Chair while the Management Committee concludes the process to find a new Chair of the Association. 

Existing Management Committee Members Manue Daniels - Esperance Region Representative. Manue is a South Coast Crustacean fisher, was the acting Chair of the Transitional Committee, inaugural Deputy Chair and is once again Deputy Chair of the SSPWA.  Peter Rickerby - Metropolitan Region Representative. Peter holds interests in Abalone and was the Treasurer of the Transitional Management Committee, Inaugural Management Committee and  also for the current Management Committee.  Nick Lucas - South West Region Representative. Nick holds interests in Beach Seine and Estuarine fisheries.

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