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Flesh Footed Shearwater Proposal

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Things to know:

- In 2006, industry voluntarily acted to reduce interactions with Flesh Footed Shearwaters (FFS) in Albany.

- A Code of Practice was implemented to reduced mortalities from 100 down to 30 per annum.

- The FFS population estimates vary between 208,000 on south coast to 18,000.

- In November 2017, the Conservation Council increased the forcefulness of their campaign.Workshops were held in February 2018 where five new measures supported by industry.

- Industry was then misrepresented by DPIRD to the Minister and a proposal to ban daytime fishing in March and April was circulated to industry, which threatened regional industry with a 40% reduction in annual catch.

- The industry is working through SSPWA in negotiations to reach agreement on a course of action, with the SSPWA stressing that this issue is not around sustainability. 

More information to come. Should you wish to discuss this issue further, please contact Don Nicholls on 0457 735 638 or at

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